Forever Frosty Logo 

My sister Kate asked what charity I wanted  family and friends to donate to in lieu of flowers.  I immediately blurted out, my own charity! We set up The Asher R. Hendel Memorial Fund to receive donations until we could establish a non-profit organization.

There were hundreds of visitors, phone calls, Facebook messages as well as numerous texts.  I was in no state of mind to reply to anyone.  However,  I texted  the blue heart emoji πŸ’™as a way to let everyone know that I was grateful for their love. The blue heart became my signature response when my family and close friends wanted to see if I was ok. I started giving out little blue glass hearts as a way to keep everyone connected to Asher...                                                                                                                                                                       

Now, for the name of the foundation.  Forever Frosty was Asher's hashtag (#)  for Instagram. Also, after a holiday story time when Asher was five years old, he wanted this little polar bear on a display rack. I said no, he begged then he cried and cried on the way home until he finally fell asleep in the car. The next day,  I went back to the bookstore to get that little bear to give Asher for the first night of Hanukkah. Asher loved Poley, then the next year he got Mommy, then Pappy, then... Asher and I loved polar bears ever since. 

Stay Frosty,